43.6 Let’s Get Ready for March A Long 2019

February 26, 2019

Hey! End of the week this week leads us smack dab into March!

I decided to make a video to commemorate the beginning of March, because that is the month I try to “rally the troops” (ants) into sewing every day for 15 minutes a day!

So, we try to encourage each other to do a very mild discipline in our quilting! Just 15 minutes a day! It is usually one of the more productive or creative times of the year for me, it can, at times be hard to get me out of the sewing room in March!

Anyway, whatever it means to you to work on quilting, be it planning, cleaning, organizing, cutting, pinning, quilting, stitching, ripping, applique, embroidery, binding, retreating, blog-hopping, buying, auditioning, dreaming, designing, writing quilt patterns, doodling quilting designs, playing with color combos, swapping, meeting other quilters, quilt meetings, round-robbining, rug-mugging, bag making, DVD watching, craftsy watching, ….

You get the idea.

Here are my inspiration to start on March A Long for free motion quilting.

This top and backing need basted, marked and quilted

In searching for batting, I found two black batting pieces I could make into a larger batting piece to get this quilt free motioned, and so I made an appropriate back for it (on top).

And I watched classes on Ruler quilting and free motion quilting to get me ready with this stack of mostly practice sandwiches first. My free motion quilting ruler collection is small, and several are not quite as recommended because the lack of lines and markings.

Currently I might try the applique sheet on the gap between my sew ezi table and my grandma’s old living room table. I have yet to buy a supreme slider.  But I read online that you could use an oven liner too instead, and am considering that.

Just by stitching down the stained glass bias tape on this quilt was enough to remind me that the corner I have behind my sew ezi table is a little wonky. But it got me into the free motion mood.

I did also buy a dog grooming station, to hold all the bulk but I haven’t set it up yet. I want to see how easy it is to quilt the black Star Struck quilt first. And possibly move around furniture behind the sewing machine to run it into the wall?

These are currently my goals and plans for sewing this coming month. What are yours? Going to want to play along with us?



  1. Reporting for duty, Ma’am!

  2. I’m in! Next week will be iffy but other than that I can commit.

  3. I march along with you every year. Looking forward to it!

  4. […] forget Darla’s March-Along, where we sew (blog, cut, trim, bind, shop, etc.), for 15 minutes each day. This is how we’ll […]

  5. […] start, last week was basting a bunch of small quilts with the goal of getting the stained glass quilt quilted by the […]

  6. Seen you on the scrappy post have been doing the 15minutes. Thanks.my sewing has been nothing for 2and half years son was operation on for cancer and a single dad had no desire to quilt your 15minutes a day is a great help. Missed Friday he was back in emergency room and brought hubby home from surgery. Will do two 15 today thanks again

    • So glad to hear it! Not sure which scrappy post you saw me on, but glad to see you. I tend to be part of several scrap-type quilt groups on FB and comment sporatically, and I haven’t done a “ton” of self promotion this year, but I have lovely friends who attempt this every year with me and may have said something, or maybe it was my own group that you found me from! I have been doing this “encouragement” for years, welcome aboard! It is so hard to want to get something done for ourselves, and it is so gosh darn hard when there is so much chaos going on. A little bit of joy in a otherwise frustrating world! Sometimes harder to remember than others, which is what makes March so darn special, it’s not something I commit to year-round, either. Do what you can, when you can and lets see what we can do!

  7. […] also done a lot on my yearly goal with tidying up my studio.I didn’t succeed in March-Along as much as usual.  We traveled, and I caught a cold, and…you know, Life.  Ah, […]

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