42.8 Offset Dresden Flower

August 20, 2018

Since I was working on my watermelon Dresden quilt several years ago, I cut some extra red Dresden petals. They were too short for the length of petals on that project, they were all the same fabric, there wasn’t enough to make a full plate.

They kept finding themselves hanging around my stuff.

See on the right?

I finally decided to make a few more petals to round it out. Red / black combos are some of my favorite. So today some grey petals were born

I would be 2 petals short of the full patten for this alternating design.

I was finding several different fabrics that could center with the Dresden.

After noticing that I could pick some of the petals from the fabrics from the centers of the block, I tried some out.

I have been playing with the centers.

I am imagining the black bias tape as if this was a strange flower. I just had the bias tape out, and now I have put it away, and hid it from myself. So that will be as I found it.

My latest thought on this strange quilt flower, is to not center exactly the circles on the top of the Dresden.

It has been a very fun day, just working through a project from “start” to finish. I need to figure out which of my light backgrounds this should be appliquéd to. I am trying to decide if I am adding more circles nearby.



  1. What a pleasure to play with the Dresden on your design wall. I like the offender “eye”. I enjoy your blog. Your writing easily carries me with you on your quilt journey.

    • You know, that should say Dresden “eye”, right ? Not offender lol

    • That is super sweet. I have a bit more of my quilt journey the last few weeks, but haven’t had a chance to document. One of my friends says she would like to know how I come up with these things. Playing and seeing, and trying it out. I have a yellow dresden eye that I am not sure will stay as it is, was looking for a pop of yellow, but too big, too startling, but want it somewhere, maybe I will cut in half and leave on the edges. Right now the yellow piece I have IS an offender eye. I made some dresden grass as well, but pulled this whole thing from the design wall for other project instead. Thanks for commenting. I have been lacking in blogging the last few years, will try to be better!

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